Postman - Powerful REST API client

A real time saver for API developers, testers and consumers.

Posted by Ashwin on January 31, 2015

Postman - powerful HTTP client and a must have tool for developers who regularly work with APIs–from designing to testing and to developers just beginning to consume APIs for web and mobile app development projects.

Postman with more than 60k users is one of the highest rated productive app in Google's chrome store.

This post is not an in-depth review rather a quick intro to the app. I hope by the end of the post you would have already be using it. Capabilities of Postman are excellent compared to any other tool available today.

Why Postman?

It’s free (few advanced features are paid). Available as both chrome packaged app and as an extension and works on all OS that runs Chrome. No drama of setup and maintenance. Just a one click install from Chrome's webstore. Postman rest client Postman rest client.

Why Postman?

Intuitive interface. Simple UI-UX requires no documentation to get started ;). Easy to create API requests under 20 seconds. Postman rest client Postman's intuitive interface.

Why Postman?

Better organization. Postman lets you organize APIs and saves them as collections. You can re-run them anytime without the drama of editing again. Postman rest client Postman's API collection organizer.

Why Postman?

Postman let’s you set up multiple environments - like local setup, staging setup, live environment etc.. for the APIs. Environments can also be best used to separate sensitive data (like passwords/tokens) from the API calls. Postman rest client Postman's environment setup.

Why Postman?

Easy to share collections and also easy to import a collection. All within 2 clicks. Postman rest client Postman's collection export and sharing.

See a demo video on Postman REST API client.

Postman is created by Abhinav Asthana, a programmer and designer based in Bangalore, India.

For more information head to Postman and give it a try and I hope your workflow gets more efficient and pleasing.


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