10 tools every web developer should know

Posted by Ashwin on April 12, 2015

Hey guys, today I thought I list out few tools I use as a part of my web development both at work and on my hobby projects. Many of the people I know don’t recognize some of them and trust me things are going to get awesome once you hook up with these tools.

Google Chrome - For most of us Google Chrome is a “go-to” browser. Chrome has come a long way to making web faster and simpler; comes with a sophisticated yet simple to use developer tools. Rich feature set including device switchable modes which become so handy when optimizing web applications for portable devices across multiple devices.

Postman REST client - From API development, testing form submissions to file uploads, Postman REST client is an invaluable tool I use every day. It makes sending HTTP requests so simple that likely gets you addicted to it. Adding to that, automated tasks and the ease of sharing the API collections makes Postman standout far-reaching skies compared to other REST clients out there. Also, check out my previous write-upon Postman.

Github - While Git is a good practice for source control management; GitHub makes you a better person in managing your code. Too good for both open source projects and closed source projects.

Balsamiq Mockups - Simple, fast and rapid wireframing tool; too easy to fall in love with.

UX check - A Productive Chrome extension to run heuristic evaluations on UI/UX and let’s you identify and share usability issues.

UX Project Checklist - Keep track everything related to UX project development. Simple to use and syncs across devices via Google drive.

Trello - Trello can be used to manage complex projects and tasks so easily that you begin to use it for almost anything. From managing an app development to planning a trek; Trello gets so flexible to use with. I have bumped into many people on several meetups who don’t know what Trello is. It’s worth to give it a try.

Wakatime - Wanna pat yourself or show off on how good you spend coding? Wakatime is the tool that let’s you track time spent on coding on various projects.

JsFiddle - If you haven’t found it yet and call yourself a UI web developer, then it’s time you check out jsfiddle! It’s a sandbox environment for trying, testing html, JavaScript and CSS snippets.

Localtunnel - This piece of tool let’s you share your local environment as a web service in just one-go without messing your DNS/router/firewalls configurations.

More tools in future posts.